Friday, 15 November 2013

Feeling Like Christmas

My fireplace 

My hallway 

So i am starting to feel very Chrismassy, i am even starting to get the odd decoration down. Gasp i hear, it's too early. As i run my own business from home and my shop is gifts i obviously get very busy and i started to feel very pressured and over the years the fun went out of Christmas preparations.  That made me very sad, as my family will tell you i absolutely love Christmas. My attic is full of boxes full to the brim with various decorations i have collected over the years, santas, reindeer, cherry lights, swags phew these are only a few and i still buy more every year. I have always made my own cake and pudding, this started because i hate candy peel yak, blah lol so making my own i could leave it out. I started a tradition and we all have a stir of the pudding and make a wish :o).  It's just a lovely family thing we have going, i am sure you have traditions too that maybe you can share.
I have even got the odd present, made the list oh my that's half the battle - what to buy for everyone. I have decided this year my sons (now 19 and 21) are going to get what i choose, i usually ask for a list and i buy some of it and get surprises too but this year no list, they are getting what i choose so should be fun if nothing else and i know my sons will appreciate and love it just the same. I have passed down my love for Christmas to them and they enjoy decorating their bedrooms and coming home from work to the smell of Christmas baking which is great.
I am all about lists, it is the only way i cope so with that i hope you stay organized and enjoy the run up to one of the most wonderful times of the year.

Image by tweetyki on Flickr  
I caught my youngest son standing at our windowsill one year, he was stacking up the flowers you used to get round fairy lights, this image is truly magical, i found it on pinterest last year and it just takes me right back to that moment, a child is so special but at Christmas time they come to light.

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