Friday, 22 June 2012

Thank crunchie it's Friday

Well what can i say the weather out side is frightful, oh yes thats a winter song isn't but yikes is this rain ever going to stop. That aside i am inside with my coffee and warm blueberry muffin sending you some lovley piccies to hopefully brighten up your day.

Isn't this bedroom just so beautifully girlie, just wish it was mine, not sure partner would feel the same though lol. x

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Support Handmade

Please support uk handmade, what could be better than giving and receiving something that has been lovingly made by hand, so much better than factory made items. Thank you
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Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic® is a look originally inspired by the great old country houses of Britain where time-worn furnishings and fabrics gave off an air of unassuming good taste and an easy, comfortable kind of elegance. It is now one of the most popular decorating trends of our time. Some of our favourite design houses include Greengate, Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley and Emma Bridgewater. Other influences are Matisse, 'Country Living' magazine and junk shops tucked away down little side streets.
The look evolved purely by accident in post-war Britain when ‘thrifty’ was a word high on everybody’s vocabulary list. Not only curtains but furniture too was recycled or bought second-hand from friends or flea markets and turned into something new or simply given a new use. This led to fabrics becoming more and more faded, furniture painted and then repainted would often peel or chip and thus a Shabby Chic® and distrerssed/aged look was the end result.

And so, whilst people had, for a long time, been using recycled fabrics and furniture, filling their homes with old lace table cloths, floral fabrics and painted furniture, it wasn’t until the phrase ‘Shabby Chic’ was first used by 'The World of Interiors' magazine in the 1980’s that Shabby Chic® as a definate style was first recognized. But it was thanks to the well known designer Rachel Ashwell that Shabby Chic® became a household term when in 1989 she adopted the phrase Shabby Chic® to make it her own and founded her company - ‘Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell.
The Shabby Chic® style has evolved and developed and is now rather more deliberate than accidental and often new pieces of furniture are deliberately painted and distressed to give that age worn look. Fabrics are chosen for their muted colours often in floral, check or striped designs and are sometimes even stained with tea to give an aged effect and the whole look has become one of easy, comfortable, practical living.
Simple accessories just add to the look and together with scented candles, some hand-picked flowers from the garden, placed in a lovely old jug, or even a teapot, and set on a piece of aged, painted furniture, will give the home a look of being well loved, comfortable and welcoming.

Laura Ashley Patchwork Cushion in pretty pastels

The essence of Shabby Chic® style is vintage and antique furniture, usually painted white, off-white or beige but with a distressed finish to give a well worn, aged look. Pastel colours are often used in the soft furnishings, favourites being the much loved duck egg blues and greens, soft pinks and greys. There are just a few simple rules to follow to make the look your own, but otherwise, a soft gentle approach without being too fussy but with much love and attention will help you achieve a look which oozes love, charm and simplicity.

Use pieces of old furniture Find pieces of furniture you love from flea markets, garage and boot sales or even the attic, whitewash or paint in pastel colours and then distress to give an old, worn look. Almost any piece of furniture will fit into a Shabby Chic® scheme once it has been given a distressed treatment – you really would be surprised how a coat of off-white paint can transform a boring wooden chair or table.
• Use old fabrics Find fabrics from around the house or buy vintage-looking fabrics from second-hand shops. You can even buy pieces of new fabric which can then be aged with tea-staining but do be sure to test a piece of fabric first to ensure you achieve the desired effect. A crisp white fabric can easily be given a soft creamy aged look with this method.

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Me and Mine

Hi, so today i have decided instead of blogging about my business i would share a little about me and my family. I live in South Wales, I am 49, a mother to 2 sons, 20 and 18 and a stepson 15. I have a wonderful loving fiancĂ© and a most adorable collie x called Sam.
Sam is so gentle, very playful and very cuddly.

I have a love for sewing and creating things that has come from my mother whom i would sit with for hours, whether it was watching her make up a beautiful wedding gown, stunning curtains or clothing it was quite simply something i used to love. She was and still is a perfectionist which i also have inherited, nothing i make ever has the ‘that will do’ label, if i am not happy with something i re-make or change it. So for all my creations i stitch and craft, all the attention to detail i put into making them, i have my mum to thank, for giving me the enthusiasm to create. Love you mum. x

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Gifts for Mum

 A brilliant way to say thank you to your perfect mum on April 3rd, take a look at some of my picks of what I think your mum may like whether it's country chic or shabby chic I am sure you will find a treat she will love.

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Spring Flowers

I love spring when all the flowers start to appear, i watch my garden with anticipation waiting for the buds to open, You can't beat bringing flowers into your house they just brighten the whole room. I found these pictures that i am sure you will agree are sooo pretty.

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Hi, my name is Diane, welcome to my new blog. Not sure how this will go but i read lots of blogs from websites i visit so now i am giving it a go myself. Who knows maybe i will get visitors here who will leave comments for me, i do hope so. . . . .

I have my own online website where i sell gifts and home accessories, many that i have designed and made myself, all handmade items carry my exclusive Gardia Design sew in or sticky label.
 My shop is a beautiful collection of soft furnishings, gifts & accessories for you & your home. The main focus is on my collection of handmade items that make up a large proportion of the products I sell using designer fabrics such as Laura Ashley & Cath Kidston . Along side these I try to source & sell a wide range of beautiful accessories that compliment my handmade products. I hope you love my style as much as I do.

I am a very girlie girl so love 'all things pretty' and i try to reflect that in my shop, please take a look and come back soon.

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