Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Festive Christmas Fireplace Ideas

Loving this idea, rustic with sparkle, how cute are these, simply add candles for a warm glow.

I love red and greens and this is extra special with the addition of silver for extra Christmas sparkle.

Another real beauty here, silver and green is a winner every time and who doesn't love baubles in a glass vase, so easy and so effective.

Not my taste but this is quite something.

How pretty is this, i love the white letters.

All the pastel multi colours make this so girlie.

A gorgeous display in turquoise, white and silver.

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday Quote

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Feeling Like Christmas

My fireplace 

My hallway 

So i am starting to feel very Chrismassy, i am even starting to get the odd decoration down. Gasp i hear, it's too early. As i run my own business from home and my shop is gifts i obviously get very busy and i started to feel very pressured and over the years the fun went out of Christmas preparations.  That made me very sad, as my family will tell you i absolutely love Christmas. My attic is full of boxes full to the brim with various decorations i have collected over the years, santas, reindeer, cherry lights, swags phew these are only a few and i still buy more every year. I have always made my own cake and pudding, this started because i hate candy peel yak, blah lol so making my own i could leave it out. I started a tradition and we all have a stir of the pudding and make a wish :o).  It's just a lovely family thing we have going, i am sure you have traditions too that maybe you can share.
I have even got the odd present, made the list oh my that's half the battle - what to buy for everyone. I have decided this year my sons (now 19 and 21) are going to get what i choose, i usually ask for a list and i buy some of it and get surprises too but this year no list, they are getting what i choose so should be fun if nothing else and i know my sons will appreciate and love it just the same. I have passed down my love for Christmas to them and they enjoy decorating their bedrooms and coming home from work to the smell of Christmas baking which is great.
I am all about lists, it is the only way i cope so with that i hope you stay organized and enjoy the run up to one of the most wonderful times of the year.

Image by tweetyki on Flickr  
I caught my youngest son standing at our windowsill one year, he was stacking up the flowers you used to get round fairy lights, this image is truly magical, i found it on pinterest last year and it just takes me right back to that moment, a child is so special but at Christmas time they come to light.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Autumn Candle Ideas

Although i hate the cold i love it when Autumn sets in,  the reason why ..... candles and candle light. Below are some fab ideas i found for displaying candles.

This tutorial for fresh-apple-tea-lights, is great, always wanted to try it, still haven't. Maybe now i have found it again i will.

This Twig wrapped glass jar, is simple but so cute and very effective. Courtesy of pinterest

I love this natural candle decoration the whole collection is beautiful.

Well you can't beat the stunning colours of Autumn and these tea light holders are warm and cosy.

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Monday Quote

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Home Sweet Home Fabric Wall Art

Look what i made :o) not quite finished need to add buttons or something, this one is all mine but might make more up maybe with other words...........  what do you think? 

Friday, 1 November 2013

My Facebook Market Night

All of the items are available to purchase at a reduced rate for themarket night evening only and postage is also on me. x

To buy please comment SOLD on the picture of the item and then pop me a message with your email address for the invoice to be sent to. Payments must be made within 24 hours otherwise the item will be offered to the next person who has commented on the photo. When paying by PayPal, please make sure you have the correct postal address linked to your account as this is the address I will send to.

Some items have more than 1 quantity - if you would like more than 1 please comment SOLD and the quantity you would like
Please understand it will be first come first served on quantity, when i run out that’s it :o) thank you.
This is my first attempt lets hope it works so i think all i need to say is please watch this space. ♥ xx ♥ Prices added through the week. Diane ♥