Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Are you the Queen of your castle?

Home is said to be where the heart is and with this beautiful crown you can be the queen of hearts.
Out of all my interiors i do have to say this ite stole my heart... I've had so many enquiries about it so I guess it's stolen yours too. Don't you think as the queen of your castle you need a little treat?

Or would you say you are the angel in the lives of your family and friends?

Then you will adore these angel wings, with a delicate glitter finish how stunning and whimsical, they make a wow feature that's for sure and everyone will ask you where you got them....
And angels deserve treats ...

Are you the star on the tree shining out?  These stars are less Christmas tree and more silent night meets shabby chic and Nordic style. Good in any home style. This is another item that has stolen hearts, enquiries have come from dark goth homes to new build minimalist homes and everything in between.

Maybe your the light in everyones life? Who people turn to for comfort and help... knowing you have the empathy to understand. Then i think you definately deserve these stunning tea light holders to light up your own life. <3 I can visualise these in many homes come autumn through to winter and even spring, too pretty to hide away.  Casting a magical glow each evening making your home a cosy place to be, snuggly, inviting and warm even when it's cold outside. Just the thing to add the hygge feel. Even when 'baby it's cold outside'.

Thank you for dropping by, much love Diane x

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